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How to Write a Video Production Brief.

16th June 2023

Whether you want to create your very first corporate video or you are a brand expert looking for reputable video production services, a video production brief is not only a must but will ensure you get the best results. But how can you craft the most effective video production brief for your next corporate video? Well, let’s get into it!

What exactly is a video production brief?

A detailed video production brief will help guide a promotional video production team on what you are expecting in terms of your desired brand voice, vision, and identity. By providing your branding guidelines within a detailed document, you will be automatically one step closer to achieving the video content you have in mind. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, after all! 

A great brief should outline the scope of the work in order to obtain a quote, check the availability of the production company you have in mind, and give some information on the following;

  • Your unique target audience
  • The key marketing messages you’d like to communicate
  • The tone of voice you’d prefer to use
  • Specific elements or scenes you’d like to capture
  • A call to action
behind the scenes of a video interview two happy women fintech founders

Video production – a brief summary

So, now you know what to include when crafting a video production brief, let’s move on to crafting it from scratch. Well, the truth is, for a video production company, there is no such thing as too much information.

If there is a detail of your brand that you want to be considered throughout the process, it is imperative that you pass this on to the company producing the content on your behalf. And the best way to make sure these small details are not missed is by outlining them within a brief.

So here’s how to piece together a comprehensive video production brief by answering the following questions.


Make sure you consider all angles when thinking about who. Who do you want to be in your corporate video, and who is your desired target audience? By considering both sides of the coin from the beginning, you will give any video production company a clear direction and expectation of who you are producing the content for and who you’d like to feature in the video. This gives their team enough time to source the right actors and start preparing an engaging storyline.


Video production is on the rise, with companies across the world rushing to produce high-quality video content to market their products and services. And when you consider the fact that 90% of consumers indicate that product videos directly inform purchase decisions, it’s clear to see why. ¹

So when creating a video brief, ask yourself, what product are you specifically looking to showcase within your promotional production video? Or, which key services offered by your brand are to be highlighted in your next corporate video production? Generally speaking, most companies offer more than one product or service, so make sure you are clear from the start about what it is that you are looking to put in the spotlight on this occasion. Also, don’t forget to let the team know what the key marketing messages will be and how you’d like to portray this visually to your audience.


Your timeframe will always be the first priority to understand from any video production service before providing you with a quote. If you need a quick turnaround, it will not only potentially limit you on resources but also could mean additional costs for a fast turnaround time in regards to work and editing. Be honest with your deadline to make sure you receive a quote that is reflective of your needs. If you are looking to shoot a corporate video on a certain day, such as a corporate event or when you are going to interview a key member of your team, make this crystal clear in the brief. The video production company will need to consult their existing schedule before being able to confirm that they have availability on the dates you require. This helps prevent any disappointment or overbooking.


Again, take this one from both angles. Where do you have in mind for shooting locations. If you are planning on travelling overseas, for instance, this will need to be considered when it comes to providing a quote. But also, think about which channels and platforms you’d like for your video to be seen on, such as your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn profiles or perhaps on your website “about us” page. Getting specific about this as early as possible will help optimise your video production for those specific channels.

In fact, by knowing where the video will be shared, your video production team can apply strategic production to their process, enabling a video to be adapted in terms of aspect ratio for each platform. They can also consider key interactivity opportunities which can help you generate a better ROI.

For instance, our video production company helps guide clients through targeting, content objectives, CTAs, channel strategy, formatting, and sales funnel positioning. Suppose you plan on posting the video to your website; in this case, you’ll need SEO elements to help increase organic traffic. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of sharing it on a YouTube channel, then you’ll need an eye-catching thumbnail creation and perhaps a shout-out to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.


Why are you working on this specific piece, and what has brought you to the decision to seek professional help and support? This is a great opportunity to jot down your business objectives and expectations for this commission and consider the end goals you’re trying to achieve. Diving into video production with no defining video goals is not a smart move, so instead, make sure you understand what metrics you value and will be tracking in relation to performance and ROI.²


Does your vision require animation? The amount of time required can increase the cost of video production, so be honest when it comes to animation requirements. Working off the following options at this stage will usually be helpful to the video production company:

  • 100% animation with no live action
  • Approx 50% animated 50% live action
  • No animated scenes but motion graphics required including titles, transitions, logos and captions
  • Basic title and subtitles


Is there existing content out there that you would like your video production company to draw inspiration from? If there is something on our projects page that you love or that you’re taking ideas from, for example? In this case, don’t be shy about your ideas and preferences. Reach out to our team, and we’d be more than happy to discuss what you’ve seen online and how we can create something epic for your business with a similar feel.

behind the scenes of a video interview with professor Anil Seth for educational video content on a sony fs7 camera and clapper board

Free video production brief template

Want a simple template to get you started? Get your next video production underway today by downloading our free video production brief template. Simply fill in the blanks and send it in. If you’d like to share the brief with our video production team, send it into us at and our team will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Instant Estimate

Better yet, get an estimate for your next video project within 60 seconds by filling out our Instant Estimate form. Click the link below to fill in our Instant Estimate form today:

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