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1. Strategy.

Right message. Right audience. Right place. Right time.


Content objectives. Audience profiles. Sales funnel positioning. Call to action prompts.


Channel-specific content. Playing in the highest quality. Making the greatest visual impact on devices.


Maximising your content’s search engine performance. Metadata indexing. Optimised caption files. 

Thanks to Bobbin, our venues, website and social channels are filled with sh*t loads of amazing video content including behind-the-scenes features and adverts for upcoming seasons and venues… our followers are up 250%, click-through rates on our social posts up 38% and we have a 2-minute average session duration on our web pages featuring videos!

Dominic Davies
Founder & CEO | Backyard Cinema
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2. Creative Direction.

Nurturing your seed of an idea. Creating stories that engage. Converting your target audience.


Creative workshops translating your vision into an engaging video concept.


Developing your concept into a compelling story.


Visualising your script with hand-drawn illustrations.

We worked with Bobbin to produce Milligan’s corporate showreel. The team were creative, resourceful and full of ideas for how we could bring our message to life. The pre-planning was excellent and helped us bring on board a wide group of opinions and stakeholders – not an easy task. They turned edits round at pace and the quality of the final piece speaks for itself. We’ve had great feedback from the industry and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and work with them again.

Tarah Gear
Head of Marketing | Milligan
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3. Production.

Crews of loveable specialists. The latest kit. Finished in our top-spec London edit suite.


Logistics. Casting. Locations. Scheduling. Meticulously planned. Always ready to improvise.


Lights. Camera. Action. One-person-crews. Multi-cam studio productions. We do it all.


Footage. Music. Voiceover. Animation. Captions. All combined to create great video content.


Ensuring your video content doesn’t feel made for you but by you.


Optimised video content. Ready to drag and drop onto your online channels.

Bobbin had a very clear vision on how to deliver the brief and what they wanted to capture. The whole team were incredibly easy to work with – putting us all at ease with our pieces to camera. The end result was beyond our expectations – a really beautifully crafted suite of videos.

Thomas Merrington
Creative Director | Penguin Ventures
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We value your privacy

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.