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Surat: City of Jewels Gentle Diamonds

Bobbin are known in the high-end jewellery industry for the quality of their macro video production and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them to showcase our products and to tell authentic stories from the people involved in our mission. We’ve trusted Bobbin with our most crucial and complex video marketing campaigns including video profiles of our curated team of designers, ecommerce catalogue video and flying them out to India to film our diamond reactors and they always deliver fantastic content, precisely on time and exactly on budget. They make it so easy: we give them a quick brief and they turn it into beautiful branded video content that delivers on our marketing strategy and lets me focus on building my business.

Scott Thompson
Co-Founder | Gentle Diamonds

Gentle Diamonds are world-leaders in lab-grown diamonds. Produced at a fraction of the environmental and human cost, these are diamonds that do not cost the earth.

Truly a new diamond for a new, values-oriented generation.


Our primary objective was to create hero content in the form of a mini documentary about the city at the heart of the world’s diamond and jewellery industry and the new generation of sustainable diamond that is being grown, cut and polished there by Gentle Diamonds. This hero video content would take pride of place on Gentle Diamonds website (hosted on YouTube) as well as social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram).

Our core aims would be to:

  1. Humanise the Gentle Diamonds brand by showcasing the skill and dedication of the craftspeople behind this new generation of diamond.
  2. Authentically showcase the working environment of the craftspeople.
  3. Reassure Gentle Diamonds’ young, sustainability-conscious target market that despite the evils of the diamond industry at large, Gentle Diamonds are a force for good and is creating a sustainable future for us all.


The adventure of a lifetime. It’s hard to overstate how incredible it was to experience travelling to Surat, India – where one million people cut almost all of the world’s diamonds – where we were invited to showcase the artistry, craftsmanship and the natural beauty of growing diamonds. We were thrilled to visit Gentle Diamonds’ cutters at work at their state-of-the-art diamond reactor facility. We were also incredibly grateful to be able to visit local schools, hospitals and animal sanctuaries that benefit directly from their philanthropic work.

After five days of shooting and lots and lots of chai, we created:

  • One hero mini documentary that would go on to be seen by hundreds of thousands of shoppers across Gentle Diamonds’ website and ecommerce platforms as well as receiving a screening at BAFTA as part of a sponsored event.
  • Three shorter edits of the documentary for social media.
  • Over 20 short-form videos (including 6s, 10s and 14s ads) formatted for YouTube (16:9 skippable in-stream, non-skippable in-stream and bumper ads), Instagram (1:1), TikTok and Facebook (9:16).
  • Over 5 terabytes of evergreen footage delivered as an online Footage Library. Trimmed, graded and ready to drag-and-drop into website pages, social media feeds and future video content.


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We value your privacy

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.