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WiseWomenCode Wise

Showcasing Wise’s amazing WiseWomenCode program – driving diversity within the FinTech industry.

Wise is a UK-based foreign exchange FinTech company building the best way to move money around the world. With a dominant and still rapidly growing share of the foreign exchange market, Wise (wisely) are committed to ensuring their workforce remains as diverse as their user base. WiseWomenCode is a three day immersive experience launched by Wise to help erase obstacles to careers in technology. Through this initiative they hope to increase diversity within the tech industry. Welcoming women and non-binary people to their central London offices, WiseWomenCode involves three days of knowledge sharing, side by side coding sessions, networking and more, to provide a glimpse to the FinTech working world.

In its inaugural year, Wise knew it was vital to document the program’s content and demonstrate its impact on participants through a video showcase. This video would be crucial to ensuring the program’s continuation and to increase applications for its second year.

Our brief was gloriously simple: come to Wise HQ, tease out great interview content from the Wise team and participants, gather dynamic b roll footage and make WiseWomenCode the obvious next step for any female or non-binary person interested in FinTech or coding. We’d need to carefully script questions and facilitate candid, relaxed interviews with participants, nurturing interviewees into providing authentic yet vibrant testimonials (get the zinger one-liners). We would also adapt Wise’s marketing copy into a natural interview script for the Wise staff to use as a base for their interviews.



  1. Capture the high-energy atmosphere and abundant opportunities available at WiseWomenCode.
  2. Showcase the breadth of the program.
  3. Celebrate the achievements of the participants.
  4. Excite future participants into applying for the following year’s course, prompting them to “learn more” on the program’s website.


One sub-120 second branded video hosted on Wise’s YouTube channel and website and distributed to tens of thousands of employees, stakeholders, investors and partners.

From interview scripting through to shooting, editing and optimisation for social media platforms we we couldn’t be more proud of the results for this world-changing FinTech brand.

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We value your privacy

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.