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Types of Video Content for Industry Events.

25th August 2023

In the fast-paced world of industry events, video content has become an essential tool for promoting and showcasing your event.

For industry event organisers, producing captivating high-quality video content has become a key ingredient for success.

But what types of video content can you create for and from each of your events?

In this guide, we explore seven types of video content that every industry event organiser should be considering as part of their marketing strategy.

What videos should an industry event organiser create?

  1. Keynote Presentation Recordings.
  2. Delegate Testimonials.
  3. Sponsor Testimonials.
  4. Speaker Testimonials.
  5. Social Promo Content.
  6. Event Highlights and Showreels.
  7. Footage Library.
audience of delegates clapping during an industry event in London

1. Keynote Presentation Recordings.

With the increasing popularity of long-form educational content, TED Talk style keynote recordings have become an amazing way of harnessing the learning points shared at each event. These can help not only to establish your speakers as thought leaders but, in turn, define your event and associated online channels as important hubs for transformational knowledge.

A long-form Ted Talk style video allows your industry event company to showcase the full breadth and depth of the knowledge shared during the keynote speeches and panel discussions at your event whilst allowing you to capture short social-friendly content of key soundbites and highlights.

By presenting the talks in their entirety, viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the topics discussed and the insights shared by your speakers and panelists. Full length keynote video recordings boost your company’s credibility, attracting more high-profile speakers and attendees to future industry events.

This level of depth and substance elevates the value of the event and positions your industry event company as a provider of meaningful and informative content. Showcase the calibre of your industry experts, thought leaders, and influential personalities by producing long-form TED Talk style recordings which you can share after the event – either as pure brand enhancement by sharing them on your public YouTube channel or as a gift to your attendees, or as an after burn revenue stream by releasing the recordings as part of ticketed online events, or as individual recordings placed behind pay or subscription walls.

Viral effects of this kind of video content propel your social channels as featured presenters spread these recordings, allowing your industry event company to reach a broader online audience, attracting potential sponsors and delegates.

The potential for chopping these full length keynote video recordings into short highlight snippets is huge. See each full length keynote video as a goldmine of tonnes of 20-second clips to fill your social channels including Youtube, TikTok and LinkedIn.

video recording of a delegate testimonial at an industry event in London

2. Delegate Testimonials for Industry Events.

Capturing and sharing social proof of the exceptional quality of your industry event’s networking opportunities, speakers and hospitality through compelling video interviews and testimonials from delegates can be a game changer.

Delegate Testimonial videos for industry events can also be turned into highlight reels showcasing the best reviews of your event enthusiastic delegates attending your events or individual mini clips for social media.

To ensure the interviews are impactful and yield zinger one-liners, craft a carefully worded interview script that prompts participants to share their insights and experience. By doing this, you’ll create highly shareable video content, tailor-made to resonate with your target audience and generate buzz across various platforms, such as LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok, where you can tag your sponsors to maximise exposure and gratitude for their support.

These Delegate Testimonial videos for industry events build trust and reputation. They serve as powerful endorsements for your event and serve to attract delegates speakers, and sponsors to your next event too!

You can, of course, script every line of an interview in order to tightly control your brand messaging, core values or to deliver complex industry-specific information.

However, you may find this approach leads to answers being a little flat on camera.

This is where an interview script comes in. This type of script includes key messaging, target soundbites and leading questions specifically phrased to elicit zinger one-liners and on-brand messaging. Interview scripts are used for a wide range of interview-based content including client testimonial recordings, and video case studies. To learn more about interview scripts and other types of script useful for creating video content click here.

Most professional video production companies will have access to teleprompting technology which allows you to read prepared, scripted sections whilst maintaining eye contact with the interviewer or the camera. Teleprompters are made up of a screen on which a script is shown which is then reflected through special glass and mirrors in such a way that allows the camera to see through the reflected words. The script can be scrolled forward (or back) in time with the interviewee and allows them to read long sections of text whilst never breaking eye contact and maintaining the illusion that they are reciting the script from memory – or, indeed, that there was never a script at all!

3. Sponsor Testimonials for Industry Events.

In the competitive landscape of industry events, securing sponsorships is vital the success of your events.

One of the most effective ways to attract future industry event sponsors and demonstrate the value of partnering with your event company is through Sponsor Testimonial videos.

Sponsor Testimonials allow your industry event company to showcase the sponsors’ experience at your latest event and can be used to highlight:

  • Ease of becoming a sponsor.
  • Quality of networking opportunities on offer.
  • Key benefits of being a headline sponsor.

Hearing positive, firsthand feedback directly from sponsors who have partnered with your company builds trust and establishes social proof of the credibility of your events.

This industry event video content allows sponsors to express their feelings about the process of sponsoring your industry event candidly, making for a compelling and convincing testimonial reel. Authenticity is key to building trust, and when potential future sponsors witness the genuine satisfaction and success of your current sponsors, they are more likely to feel confident in their decision to trust your company.

Moreover, the video testimonials allow sponsors to highlight the tangible benefits they gained from partnering with your industry event organisation company. Whether it’s highly targeted exposure to their ideal audience, exclusive networking sessions with industry leaders, or opportunities for product demos, these video testimonials allow sponsors to highlight the specific advantages they reaped from your event.

4. Speaker Testimonials for Industry Events.

Securing top-notch speakers is the key to creating memorable and impactful industry events.

One effective way to attract future keynote speakers and establish your industry events company as a cornerstone destination is through Speaker Testimonial video content.

When it comes to inviting keynote speakers, reputation matters. Speaker Testimonial videos act as powerful endorsements from past speakers, showcasing their positive experiences and satisfaction with your event. Potential speakers are more likely to consider participating in your event when they witness the genuine enthusiasm and appreciation expressed by their peers. Additionally, Speaker Testimonial videos offer insights into the organisational effectiveness of your events company and the overall impact of your events, compelling future keynote speakers to be a part of your enriching experience.

When respected speakers share their positive experiences and highlight the impact of your industry event on their professional journey, it resonates with potential delegates too. People are drawn to events where they can learn from the best minds and connect with industry leaders.

Speaker Testimonial videos position your industry event as a must-attend destination that offers unparalleled opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

professional video recording of keynote speaker Emma Carriaga at an industry event in London

5. Social Promo Videos for Industry Events.

Social promotional videos serve as powerful tools for industry event organisers, offering a dynamic and engaging way to create anticipation and buzz before a forthcoming event and drive ticket sales and last-minute sponsorship deals.

Social Promo videos for industry events contain a combination of archive footage or stock footage with energising motion graphics featuring key information and details about your industry event. Your events company can build excitement about your upcoming event to fever pitch. Social Promo videos for industry events can capitalise on the success, showcasing the vibrant atmospheres you’ve created, captivating speakers, and delighted attendees. But they can also be created with stock footage, stills or can even be comprised entirely of motion graphics to deliver key messaging.

Through skilful editing and storytelling, Social Promo videos for industry events play a pivotal role in driving ticket sales by evoking emotions and igniting curiosity, making them a valuable asset for any successful marketing strategy.

6. Event Highlights for Industry Events.

Event Highlights videos for industry events are a vital asset for industry event organiser to showcase the success of their event.

This type of video is formed from interviews and b roll of your event – together with compelling and informative branded motion graphics – and forms an exciting montage, showcasing your event company’s execution of your vision.

By presenting snippets of exhilarating keynote speeches, enthusiastic vox pop interviews with delegates and speakers, the showreel demonstrates your company’s ability to curate unforgettable experiences. Event highlights and showreel videos effectively convey your event’s unique selling points, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and instilling confidence in your ability to deliver exceptional events.

Whether it’s shared on your website, across various social media channels or for broadcast, these Event Highlight videos play a pivotal role in attracting ticket sales and new sponsorship opportunities.

7. Footage Library.

A Footage Library is an archive of short high-quality clips of footage filmed at your industry event. Think of it as your own stock footage library containing all of the usable footage filmed during your shoot days.

Imagine you hire a professional video production company to come to your industry event to film your keynote speeches, entertainment, fireside chats, venue drinks reception, delegate and sponsor testimonial interviews, drone footage of your venue.

You go on to create a fantastic Highlights video showcasing your industry event featuring select snippets of that footage together with great motion graphics, a voiceover and a compelling Call to Action at the end encouraging click-through to your landing page for next year’s event.

But, inevitably, a huge amount of the footage filmed doesn’t make the final cut because it didn’t quite find a place in that particular piece of video content.

You know you want to repurpose that left over footage for future content BUT you aren’t able to use it.

The raw footage looks and sounds very rough, the file sizes are absolutely gigantic and the video production company you hired either wants to charge a fortune to license that footage to you or insists that they themselves are the only people who are allowed to edit it.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Bobbin Productions is currently the only video production company in the UK to offer all of our clients delivery of a Footage Library containing all of the usable footage from every shoot to its clients.

All of the clips in this Footage Library are:

  • Drag-and-drop – no editing needed.
  • Trimmed – only the good stuff. 
  • Basic Grade – ready to share. 
  • Categorised into folders. 
  • Stored in the cloud – access from anywhere. 
  • Full-length uncut interviews. 

Typically, from each shoot date, this will give your company 200+ clips, ready to drop onto your website, social channels and unlimited future video content.

Pretty cool, right?

Having and knowing how to effectively use a Footage Library is very advantageous for an industry events organiser and marketing team. A Footage Library ensures that valuable footage doesn’t go to waste and thus becomes an incredible resource for further showcasing your company’s unique offering – both in general and for specific future industry events. With a vast archive of high-quality footage, your company’s Footage Library becomes an unlimited goldmine of captivating visual content.

Transforming this footage into compelling content may seem daunting. But don’t worry, with the help of AI tools like you can easily optimise your Footage Library’s potential. These AI-driven solutions can streamline video editing, making it more accessible and efficient for event marketing teams and organisers.

Latte uses AI to select the most engaging parts of your video, then adds subtitles and reformats into vertical. Saving you hours of editing, and thousands in editor costs.

Overall, embracing AI tools to utilise the footage library is a game-changer, empowering event organisers to create unlimited video content from every shoot and maximises their visual storytelling potential to elevate their marketing efforts to new heights.

In conclusion, the dynamic landscape of industry events demands an innovative approach to stand out and make a lasting impact.

The art of capturing and preserving the essence of each event through video content has emerged as an indispensable tool for success in this industry. Industry event organisers are increasingly recognising the power of video storytelling and are investing in producing high-quality videos, unlocking a multitude of benefits to their marketing strategies.

From enhancing brand visibility and engagement to creating an archive of valuable event memories, video content serves as a potent catalyst in elevating your next industry event to the next level.

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