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11 Videos Every Independent School Needs.

10th August 2023

In today’s competitive educational landscape, independent schools face the challenge of standing out and attracting prospective students and their families. Traditional marketing methods can only take a school so far; however, in the digital age, there is a powerful tool that can create a lasting impression and effectively showcase what sets an independent school apart: Video. Here we will guide you through 11 different video ideas to attract and engage prospective students and their families to your independent school.

What videos should an independent school have?

  1. Welcome to our School video
  2. Alumni Testimonials
  3. Bursary / Scholarship Adverts
  4. Welcome from the Headteacher video
  5. Student Profiles
  6. Events Video
  7. School Tour
  8. Classroom Recordings
  9. Day in the Life
  10. Sixth Form Showcase
  11. Footage Library
video of students at RMS for girls independent school react to chemistry experiment

1. Welcome to our School Video.

Welcome to Our School videos allows your independent school to establish an immediate personal connection with its audience. Unlike printed materials or brochures, a video enables the school to showcase its personality, culture, and values through visuals and sound. By featuring teachers, staff, and students speaking directly to the camera, the video becomes a window into the heart of the school. This personal touch helps build trust and a sense of familiarity, essential elements in convincing prospective families that the school is a welcoming and nurturing environment.

2. Alumni Testimonials.

Parents often rely on the experiences of other families when making decisions about their children’s education. Incorporating testimonials and success stories from former students, alumni, and parents in a video can therefore be incredibly impactful. In order to create a credible video, the alumni testimonials should be authentic and focused on storytelling. So, you should encourage alumni to share personal anecdotes and experiences that highlight their unique journey, challenges, and triumphs. There should be an emphasis on the concrete achievements and successes of the alumni. Whether it’s landing a dream job, starting a successful business, or making a positive impact in their community, specific outcomes add credibility to the testimonials. Hearing about the positive experiences and accomplishments of others within the school community can instill confidence that they too will reach similar achievements.

3. Bursary & Scholarship Advert.

For many students, the prospect of pursuing education in an independent school may seem like an unattainable dream. However, a well-crafted Bursary & Scholarship Advert has the power to change that perception. By featuring past scholarship recipients who have overcome obstacles and achieved academic success, the video becomes a source of inspiration, lowering the barriers for applying. This will motivate potential applicants to believe in their own potential and strive for excellence. Furthermore, parents and students seeking scholarship opportunities often look for schools with a proven track record of supporting students’ academic and personal growth. Through video testimonials from scholarship recipients and their families, the Bursary & Scholarship Advert establishes credibility and builds trust. Prospective families can witness the tangible impact of these opportunities and be reassured that their child’s potential will be nurtured and valued in the school community.

RMS for Girls independent school Headmaster Kevin Carson during a video interview

4. Welcome from the Headteacher Video.

Welcome from the Headteacher videos are beneficial for an independent school as they serve as the face and voice of the institution, representing its values and vision to prospective students and their families. The video allows the headmaster/headmistress to establish a personal connection with the audience, fostering a sense of trust and familiarity from the very beginning. Through the video, the school leader can convey the school’s unique philosophy, academic excellence, and commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. This personal touch humanises the school’s leadership and showcases their dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Moreover, the video offers an opportunity for the headmaster/headmistress to share their passion for education, inspiring prospective families to become a part of the school community. Overall, the “Welcome from the Headmaster/Headmistress” video sets a positive tone for the school and plays a pivotal role in influencing families’ decisions to choose the institution for their child’s educational journey.

You can, of course, script every line of an interview in order to tightly control your brand messaging, core values or to deliver complex industry-specific information.

However, you may find this approach leads to answers being a little flat on camera.

This is where an interview script comes in. This type of script includes key messaging, target soundbites and leading questions specifically phrased to elicit zinger one-liners and on-brand messaging. Interview scripts are used for a wide range of interview-based content including client testimonial recordings, and video case studies. To learn more about interview scripts and other types of script useful for creating video content click here.

Most professional video production companies will have access to teleprompting technology which allows you to read prepared, scripted sections whilst maintaining eye contact with the interviewer or the camera. Teleprompters are made up of a screen on which a script is shown which is then reflected through special glass and mirrors in such a way that allows the camera to see through the reflected words. The script can be scrolled forward (or back) in time with the interviewee and allows them to read long sections of text whilst never breaking eye contact and maintaining the illusion that they are reciting the script from memory – or, indeed, that there was never a script at all!

5. Student Video Profiles.

Student Video Profiles introduce prospective families to real students who have flourished within the independent school’s community. These authentic testimonials bring the school’s values and mission to life, as parents and students can witness firsthand how the school positively impacts the lives of its students. By sharing personal anecdotes and genuine experiences, these student profiles create a sense of trust and credibility that goes beyond traditional marketing methods. Moreover, schools often have a diverse student population, and “Student Profile” videos help to celebrate this diversity. Each student comes with their own unique background, interests, and aspirations. By showcasing a range of students with different interests, talents, and challenges, the video will demonstrate how the school embrace and nurture individuality, fostering an inclusive and accepting environment for all.

Independent school alumnus student from Mill Hill Schools Group during an interview filmed by a professional video production company

6. Event Highlights Video.

Event Highlights Videos hold immense benefits for an independent school as it provides a compelling and engaging glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic activities that take place within the school community.

These videos capture the essence of various events, such as sports competitions, cultural festivals, open days and community outreach initiatives etc. They demonstrate the diversity and richness of the school experience. Prospective students and parents can witness the school’s lively atmosphere, highlighting the sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm among students and faculty. Additionally, the video serves as a powerful tool for alumni, current students, and parents to relive cherished memories and celebrate the school’s accomplishments. By promoting the events and achievements of the school through video, the independent institution can showcase its holistic approach to education and foster a strong sense of pride and belonging among its community. Furthermore, it demonstrates the school’s commitment to offering a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond just academics, making it an enticing choice for families seeking a nurturing and inclusive environment for their children’s growth and development.

7. School Tour Video.

Independent schools often boast beautiful campuses and state-of-the-art facilities. A video is a dynamic medium to showcase these assets effectively. Prospective families can virtually tour the campus, explore classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, art studios, and other spaces that contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. When parents and students can envision themselves thriving in such an environment, they are more likely to be motivated to pursue enrolment.

8. Classroom Recordings.

Classroom Recording videos offers numerous benefits for a school by showing the innovative and engaging teaching methods employed by its teachers. These videos bring the classroom experience to life.

As a Ted-Talk long format video, it illustrates how teachers utilize interactive tools, technology, and hands-on activities to create a dynamic and immersive learning environment. Prospective students and parents can witness firsthand how the classroom lessons foster critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It demonstrates the school’s commitment to educate and establishes the institution as a source of knowledge. Furthermore, it reassures parents that their child’s learning experience will be both enjoyable and effective, instilling a sense of confidence in the school’s academic approach. Ultimately, Classroom Recording videos becomes a compelling testament to the school’s dedication to nurturing curious and well-prepared individuals, making it an attractive choice for families seeking a progressive and enriching educational environment. Additionally, classroom recordings are a valuable resource that extends its benefits beyond just parents and students; it holds value for everyone. Embracing the practice of posting regular weekly or monthly classroom recordings on your school’s website or establishing a YouTube channel to discuss relevant topics and present social issues can significantly enhance the reputation and impact of your school. Such recordings contribute to the wider educational landscape helping your school to establish itself as a leader in the education sector. This not only attracts more attention to your institution but also engages a larger audience interested in educational insights and innovative approaches to learning. Furthermore, in this digital era, where information is readily accessible, the creation of a YouTube channel or posting videos on your website increases your school’s online visibility. This can lead to organic growth in terms of subscribers and viewership, helping to amplify your school’s reach and impact.

professional video production company filming a video interview

9. Day in the Life Videos.

Day in the Life videos offer exceptional benefits for an independent school as it provides a captivating and authentic insight into the daily experiences of students and faculty. The videos allow prospective students and their families to virtually immerse themselves in the school’s vibrant community and witness the various activities and opportunities that shape a typical day at the institution. From attending classes, participating in extracurricular activities, engaging in sports, to interacting with teachers and peers, the video paints a vivid picture of the school’s supportive and enriching environment. By showcasing the diverse and well-rounded educational journey, the Day in the Life video gives parents confidence in the school’s ability to nurture their child’s academic, social, and personal development. It serves as a compelling tool to reinforce the school’s values, culture, and commitment to excellence, ultimately inspiring prospective families to choose the independent school as the ideal place for their child’s educational growth and success.

video of smiling students at RMS for girls independent school with a model of a double helix DNA strand

10. Sixth Form Showcase.

We acknowledge the challenge that independent schools face with retaining students for sixth form. To help propose making a video dedicated to showcasing sixth form and highlighting the ways in which it differs from secondary school. A video like this can be very beneficial as it serves as a powerful marketing tool that can effectively address the concerns and hesitations prospective students and their parents may have. By highlighting the unique aspects of the Sixth Form experience, such as specialised academic programs, personalised mentorship, and access to advanced facilities, the video can alleviate any uncertainties and provide a clear picture of the benefits of continuing education within the school. Moreover, a dedicated Sixth Form Showcase video allows the school to tap into the emotional aspect of their community. It can feature testimonials from current Sixth Form students who express their growth, accomplishments, and the meaningful connections they’ve forged during their time at the school. This humanises the educational journey, instills a sense of belonging, and fosters trust in the schools sixth form program. Furthermore, in this digital age, visual content dominates online platforms. Thus, a professionally produced video can significantly boost the school’s online presence and engagement. The video can be shared across various social media channels, the school’s website, and in email campaigns, reaching a wider audience, and piquing the interest of potential students beyond the local community. Therefore, this video will help your independent school in attracting and retaining students for sixth form.

11. Footage Library.

A Footage Library is an archive of short high-quality clips of footage filmed at your school. Think of it as your own stock footage library containing all of the usable footage filmed during your shoot days.

Imagine you hire a professional video production company to come to your school to film your classes, buildings, drone footage of your grounds as well as interviews with staff, students and some alumni students of the school.

You go on to create a fantastic video showcasing, say, the extra-curricular opportunities that your school offers its students featuring select snippets of that footage.

But, inevitably, a huge amount of the footage filmed doesn’t make the final cut because it didn’t quite find a place in that particular piece of video content.

You know you want to repurpose that left over footage for future content BUT you aren’t able to use it.

The raw footage looks and sounds very rough, the file sizes are absolutely gigantic and the video production company you hired either wants to charge a fortune to license that footage to you or insists that they themselves are the only people who are allowed to edit it.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Bobbin Productions is currently the only video production company in the UK to offer all of our clients delivery of a Footage Library containing all of the usable footage from every shoot to its clients.

All of the clips in this Footage Library are:

  • Drag-and-drop – no editing needed.
  • Trimmed – only the good stuff. 
  • Basic Grade – ready to share. 
  • Categorised into folders. 
  • Stored in the cloud – access from anywhere. 
  • Full-length uncut interviews. 

Typically, from each shoot date, this will give you 200+ clips, ready to drop onto your website, social channels and unlimited future video content.

Pretty cool, right?

Having and knowing how to effectively use a Footage Library is very advantageous for an independent school. A Footage Library ensures that valuable footage doesn’t go to waste and thus becomes an incredible resource for further showcasing the school’s unique offerings. With a vast archive of high-quality footage, your school’s Footage Library becomes an unlimited goldmine of captivating visual content.

Transforming this footage into compelling content may seem daunting. But don’t worry, with the help of AI tools like you can easily optimise your Footage Library’s potential. These AI-driven solutions can streamline video editing, making it more accessible and efficient for educators and administrators.

“Latte uses AI to select the most engaging parts of your video, then adds subtitles and reformats into vertical. Saving you hours of editing, and thousands in editor costs” (, 2023).

Overall, embracing AI tools to utilise the footage library is a game-changer, empowering independent schools to create unlimited video content from every shoot and maximises their visual storytelling potential to elevate their marketing efforts to new heights.

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